About us

Who we are
The people at Pip are highly commercial, leadership experienced, senior executive coaches and trainers who share a passion for transforming people into the best version of themselves.

Louise Hedges is the founder and works with every client to bring the right talent to each project in order to maximise the success of the client's team.

Together this network of performance developers creates good change within organisations and people.
Why we are
Our mission is to help our clients to be happy, profitable organisations who have enviable, happy clients themselves.

The philosophy at Pip is made up of two elements; one is about the person we are working with and the other is about how we believe we and they should go about their business.

Our belief about the person is that they are made up of a number of individual strengths and that in order to develop they simply need to bring to the fore the right strength for that situation. We often find that the barrier to someone's success is over-using one strength and under-using a better one for that moment. Our role is to help the person turn the dials on each, becoming more flexible, effective and happy in their role as a result.

Our business philosophy is that trust is central to everything and that earning it can be learnt. The process of building trust is made up of mind-sets, habits and skills which are what we train and coach people to excel at. Once we have helped with that learning, our client can then use that trust to make a greater impact on their client's. This is the essence of good selling, account management, consulting and leadership.